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About Using Our Website:
If you are a downstream user, you have to sign up as a DU to log in. During sign up, you will be requested to provide us your upstream supplier information so that we can verify it. After this you will have the access to the web pages especially designed for DU.
If you are non-EU based supplier of chemical substances, you have to sign up as a non-EU manufacturer to get access to web pages designed for non-EU manufacturer. After log in, you will be able to see the list of your downstream users as well of your pre-registered substances.
If you are distributor or trader, you have to sign up as distributor. You are requested to provide the information of your suppliers or end-users so that we can provide you appropriate information.
About Supply Chain Communication:
Instructions for DU:
[According to REACH (art. 3.13), a downstream user: “means any natural or legal person established within the Community, other than the manufacturer or the importer, who uses a substance, either on its own or in a preparation, in the course of his industrial or professional activities.”]
1. Ask your supplier whether he has appointed Only Representative (OR) for REACH processes.
2. If your supplier has appointed NetSun EU as his Only Representative, please provide us your information (organization name, address, telephone, email and contact person), your supplier’s information (organization name, address, telephone, email and contact person) as well as substance information (name of substance, CAS number, annual tonnage allocated to you, tonnage to be imported at this transaction, usages of substance). Please send this information to our email address eu@netsun.com.
3. If your supplier is a trading company and so hasn’t appointed OR, please ask him to provide the manufacture’s information to us. You may give him our contact details.
4. Since we send relevant documents to your supplier first, please ask your supplier to forward these documents to you.
5. As soon as you clear the customs of imported goods, please inform us confirming the name and tonnage volume of your imported goods.
6. If your use of substance is different from that provided at the time of registration, inform us as soon as possible so that we will be able to update the registration dossiers on time.
7. If you do not wish to disclose the usages of substance, prepare the Chemical Safety Report (CSR) and SDS by yourself.
8. Comply with the instructions with respect to the safety data sheet (SDS) and work in accordance with the recommended risk control measures (RMM) in the SDS.
9. Pass SDS to your customers on request.
10. Store all data about a substance or preparation for no less than ten years and make these available to the authorities in your country or to the ECHA on request.
11. In case you have any new information regarding the substance, which is deemed important, please inform us immediately.

Instructions for non-EU Manufacturers:
It is essential that suppliers are aware of the implications of REACH and their obligations. They need to be sure that their products have been registered. Suppliers are requested to maintain the regular contact with OR and assist in the following way:
1. Manufacturers should offer their so ever available information on lifecycles of substances during its production period. They are also likely to submit us the current version of SDS which is in use.
2. Based on the information available, we will carry out exposure assessment and prepare both SDS and CSR accordingly.
3. Then, we will pass the updated SDS to manufacturers. They are then required to forward this SDS to their immediate downstream users at the first transaction of their exported substances.
4. Manufacturers should provide the list of their DU and the tonnage allocated for each of them.
5. If any DU inquires us about the pre-registration or registration of the substances, the inquiry will be forwarded to the relevant manufacture and it is up to the manufacturer to confirm the DU.
Instructions for Distributors:
1. Distributors/Traders are required to make sure that the supplier has pre-registered the substances. They are also required whether NetSun is their OR.
2. If NetSun is their OR, distributors should contact NetSun and discuss the issue in detail.
24/7 Hotline Services for EU Downstream Users:
It is essential that downstream users communicate with their suppliers to ensure they are aware of the implications of REACH and their obligations. NetSun EU has its people available on phone 24 hours a day. They are assisting downstream users (DU) in REACH compliance, particularly in reassuring that we will register the chemicals they purchase with their intended uses.
For pre-registration and REACH enforcement related inquiry, please contact
Mr. Alex Wang
NetSun EU B.V. (Amsterdam)
Add: Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam, Blaak 40, Floor 5, 3000 AL Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Tel:+31 10 8421148
Fax:+31 10 8404118
Email: eu@netsun.com
Please send your questions here:
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Our Services
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