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REACH Services
NetSun EU B.V. is a market leader in the REACH regulatory process, with over a decade experience in chemical sector. The staffs of NetSun have sufficient background in the practical handling of substances and related information.
    We offer a wide range of services to our customers for complying with REACH. They include:
  • Only Representative
  • Pre-registration
  • SIEF and Consortia Management
  • Technical Dossier
  • Registration
  • Data Gap Analysis
  • SDS Update and Preparation
  • Exposure Assessment and CSR Preparation
  • Testing Strategies
  • Supply Chain Communication
Only Representative:
NetSun offers REACH Only Representative service for non-EU manufacturers, as REACH does not allow them to register substances by themselves. We are one of the leading pre-registrants based on the diversity of our pre-registered substances. By selecting us as their OR, the non-EU manufacturers will:
Benefit from Transitional Regime: We timely pre-register your substances so that you can benefit from the transitional period. It will give the non-EU suppliers the free access to EU market until the envisaged registration deadline.
Protect confidential business information: By selecting the OR, your business information is protected as we successfully develop a strategy in order to comply with competition law and other issues. OR is an alternative route for a registration of substances where detail of composition of your substance is disclosed but still protected.
Avoid dependency on EU importer: As an OR can register substances in favor of several manufacturers with a list of different downstream users; it will avoid the dependency of manufacturers on EU importer for registration processes.
NetSun’s Only Representative service provides a unique level of understanding of the REACH requirements coupled with substance handling, analysis and certification expertise. NetSun is easily adaptable to any change in REACH execution processes and will also oversee the necessary legal and technical issues arising from REACH registration.
Pre-registration is the first step into REACH. In order to benefit from transitional regime, we identify the substances that are required to be registered and pre-register them representing non-EU manufacturers. So far, our company has successfully pre-registered thousands of substances within set deadline.
Failure to pre-register substances will force the manufacturers and importers for immediate registration if they want to have access to EU markets.
SIEF and Consortia Management:
Chemical manufacturers and importers, who have pre-registered the similar substances, will need to become part of a Substance Information Exchange Forum. This enables tem to share information and thus reducing the total cost and time for collecting data and carrying classification and labelling.
NetSun EU B.V. will take part on these consortia, and negotitate with potential registrants to obtain required data and information.
Technical Dossier:
As NetSun also has a strong IT base and several of its staffs are chemcial experts, preparing technical dossier is a familiar task to our team.
Data Gap Analysis
Since REACH requires the original and complete toxicological and eco-toxicological data, we can help you with a detailed data gap analysis. Based on the analysis, you will know what is required for you to comply with the REACH.
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